Shutter Speed Tester App for iPhone

I recently discovered this app from a post on the Large Format Photography Forum. It’s a piece of software written by Lukas Fritz that enables you to, seemingly fairly accurately, test the speed of your shutter by recording the sound of the shutter opening and closing and then analysing the graph. It’s a simple concept but, would you believe it, it actually works.


This is a test of my Caltar-S 210mm at 1/8th of a second. It looks like it might be a little fast.


And above shows a table of tests in progress on the Caltar-S.

It’s such a simple app and while it’s accuracy is not yet known, if nothing else it gives you a ball park figure on your shutter’s performance. You can improve the accuracy of the app by buying a photo-transistor to plug into your iPhone which uses optics to test the shutter speed rather than audio.

A fantastic idea and only a few dollars from the Apple App Store.