We’ve got a Facebook page! Like us?

Yes, the Large Format Photography Australia Blog now has a Facebook page and now we’re looking for your superficial approval by “liking us”!

So, if you’re on the Facebook, pop over to our page and give us a like. Any promotion of the blog is very much appreciated and this is just one way that may help increase visibility of the blog on the Internet.

Not that we’re having it too tough. We’re getting around between 500 and 700 visitors a week now, and thanks must go to David Tatnall for his regular contributions to the blog. I hope you’re enjoying what we’ve been posting, and would certainly welcome any feedback, criticism (favourable would be great!) and comments. If you’ve got any images, news, stories or opinions to share with the large format community then please get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to share it with the world (or at least our 500 odd weekly visitors!).