Super-Sized Snapshot: Polaroid 20×24 video


Polaroid’s 20×24 cameras, built in the late 70s and named for the dimensions of their snapshots–20 by 24 inches, are the largest living Polaroid cameras in the world. (There was once an even bigger one with 40×80 snapshots but the film has run out.) Five of these 20×24 cameras still exist, and one resides in New York City’s 20×24 Studio. The Studio’s director, artist John Reuter, demonstrated the 235-pound camera, and Christopher Bonanos, author of Instant: The Story of Polaroid, explained how this camera fits into Polaroid’s history.

Interesting, short video but do they have to keep calling them “snapshots”? Snapshots are what you do with your iPhone not 20″ x 24″ colour Polaroid photographs!

Via YouTube