Exhibition: A Walk on the White Side by Tim Rudman at Gold Street Studios and Gallery

Tim Rudman 2

August 16th to October 6th 2013

Ellie Young of Australia’s Gold Street Studios and Gallery talks about a new exhibition by Tim Rudman FRPS, which opens in August and runs through to October this year.

‘A Walk on the White Side’ will be the third Rudman exhibition to be shown at here Gold Street in recent years.

Tim Rudman’s exhibitions always provide the viewer with a sense of openly sharing his vision. Yet each of his exhibitions shown here at the Gold Street Gallery offers distinct differences. Rudman’s combination of capture and his methods of hand printing with silver gelatine show his work is not just about recording an image – there is a message far beyond the negative.

The first was ‘Tree Works‘. Iconic with his Lith printing and toning techniques, this show offered a special kind of gentle magic. Trees can look majestic, statuesque, vulnerable or damaged, but always showing their own character. The changing seasons, their environment, weather conditions and the time of day or night add to their beauty or sometimes an almost intimidating feel. Tim’s methods of printing and toning give an extraordinary delicacy and unexpected colour palette throughout his Tree Work images, removing them from reality and engaging the viewers on personal and individual levels.

His work in ‘Iceland. An Uneasy Calm‘ spans from before the 2010 eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano to the present and is still ongoing. Using film and delicately toned, yet often dark and dramatic black and white silver gelatin prints, he explores the spiritual essence and the graphic beauty of this primitive volcanic landscape, capturing both the ‘Middle Earth’ timelessness and the fleeting transience of this world of lava, fire and ice.

This new exhibition ‘A Walk on the White Side‘ is different again, but unmistakably a product of the same eye and the same hand.

Shot as always on film, and often in lonely or remote areas in temperatures of minus 20˚C or less, these high key reductivist images provide a collection of glimpses into the soundless, minimalist world of winter. A world where snow isolates, obscures and simplifies, leaving a clean, uncluttered ‘calligraphic’ landscape largely devoid of midtones. Images where what has been excluded is as important as what is included.

Rudman has that special skill of ‘seeing’ things that others may overlook. Here, it is his use of empty space, simple lines and visual balance to create a sense not only of isolation, but also of harmony and equilibrium.

It is a blend of vision and the technical skills required to create the photograph in extreme conditions and then interpret them in the darkroom. Moments in time captured to share with others to appreciate, analyse and discuss what the intent or meaning might convey, it is as much an intellectual exercise as it is an aesthetic statement.

As usual, the prints are handmade on silver-based paper in the traditional darkroom. Rudman calls his printing technique used here ‘faux lith’, for although these prints in some ways resemble lith prints in appearance, they are not made using his usual lith processing chemicals but with conventional black and white developer. The effect is produced by the manipulation of exposure and contrast to eliminate mid tones, and the use of bleach reducer and sulphur-based chemical toners to change the silver in the light tones in the paper from grey to a soft yellow-brown, both for the aesthetic and to ensure maximum archival permanence.

Just when you think his work cannot be any better, he proves you wrong. This is a special exhibition, come and share in Tim’s vision. The launch of this beautiful exhibition coincides with the official opening of the Ballarat International Foto Bianali on the 17th of August 2013.

For further enquiries please contact: Ellie Young on 00-61-(0)3- 54241835 or Email: [email protected]

Exhibition current from: August 16 to October 6 2013
Viewing hours: by appointment phone 03 5424 1835
Location: 700 James Lane, Trentham East, Vic
More information: www.goldstreetstudios.com.au

Tim Rudman (UK) is internationally renowned as a fine art photographer, printer, author and an authority on darkroom printing and toning techniques. His pioneering work in Lith Printing and distinctive toning methods of black & white silver gelatin prints has earned him world recognition. Tim has authored numerous books and hundreds of articles in this field. He exhibits his work internationally and teaches in every corner of the globe, with work is held in collections worldwide including Britain, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Canada and America.

Tim Rudman darkroom

Tim Rudman