The Photograph Explained: Tell us about your photograph!

In this new section of the blog, we are asking photographers to talk about one of their recent photographs to shed light on why they chose that particular camera size, that particular lens and film and why is the print is made in the way it is, for example: silver gelatin toned in selenium, salt print, chromogenic photograph, ziatype photograph and so on.

Also, of course, why you made the photograph.

Required: the photograph you are talking about: 600 pixels wide @ 72 dpi and: a photograph of you with your camera: 600 pixels wide @ 72 dpi.

Also include any relevant links to other photographers or techniques.

This can be as long as you like, but remember the audience is interested in large format photography so please make the photograph you are talking about large format.

Requirements in point form:

  • Why do you use the format you use?
  • Why did you use the lens you did?
  • Why did you use the film you used?
  • Why is the print (silver gelatin, salt or what ever it is)?
  • How big is the final print?
  • How was the negative (or transparency) processed?
  • How was the print made?
  • Is this photograph part of a series or folio?
  • What motivated you to make this photograph?
  • Any thing else you think relevant.
  • Scanned photographs: 600 pixels wide @ 72 dpi.

Don’t answer these as questions, these are just a guide, try to make your text easily readable. And try to avoid brand names.

Thank you for being part of The Photograph Explained.

Send text and photographs to David Tatnall