Into The Wild: Wilderness Photography In Tasmania – until 16 February 2014


Art Gallery at Royal Park Launceston Tasmania

Current until 16 February 2014

Highlighting the artistic talent of key Tasmanian wilderness photographers and the impact that this type of photography has had on Tasmania, the exhibition charts the development of wilderness photography from its earliest days to the present.

Featured photographers include Allport, Spurling, Beattie, Smithies, King, Perrin, Thwaites, Truchanas, Dombrovskis, England, Blakers, Bell, Stephenson, and Walch. Tasmania has been at the forefront of wilderness appreciation from the early preservation efforts, the conservation movement and tourism promotion. It was these photographers who championed efforts to recognise and preserve Tasmanian wilderness by creating evocative images that encouraged so many to appreciate and visit these landscapes.

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