New Book: Fanny by Jock Sturges

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Jock Sturges is the master of 8 x10 figure photography.

“There’s probably not a photographer alive who cares less about clothes than I do.” muses Jock Sturges, whose most famous work has featured nudes. “Commercial photography forces me to take a fashion subject and find out who he or she really is. I want to turn the key in that lock.” A highly acclaimed fine art photographer signed to 25 galleries in 9 countries, Sturges received a BA in Perceptual Psychology and Photography from Marlboro College, and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. His published collections include: The Last Day of Summer (1991), Radiant Identities (1994), Jock Sturges (1996), and Jock Sturges: New Work 1997-2000 (2000).

Fanny 1995. Jock Sturges

His latest book Fanny (Published October 2013) is an extended portrait of a young girl’s transition from child to woman. Made over a period of 23 years, the images are at once beautiful in their detail of light and identity and also frankly anthropological in their descriptive effect. A naturist since birth, Fanny’s comfort with nudity and her natural self has allowed Sturges to draw an engaging portrait of the evolution of a human being with few social distractions. His access to the girl’s and woman’s character is direct and fascinating. Long known for his extended portraits of children and adolescents, this work is strong evidence of Sturges’ permanent commitment to the people in his work.

Fanny 1997. Jock Sturges

Sturges was something of a lightning rod for controversy in the 1990’s, when his distinctive brand of nude photography stirred the ire of the Christian right. His photos have an undeniably erotic quality, unlike some types of nude photography that treat the human body more as abstract form. In his writings, Sturges prides himself on the bonds of trust, friendship and collaboration between the photographer, the models and their families. “I’ve photographed so many of these subjects anthropologically, from childhood to adulthood that history bears out the art.”

Jock Sturges with 8x10 camera

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