Photographing the Nude as Landscape – Centre for Creative Photography

Nude with stone

Sunday 19 January 2014. $195
Centre for Creative Photography

Since the beginning of time, people have been fascinated by the human form and the nude figure. This workshop presents one long day of experimenting and exploring the possibilities of the body as a photographic study. Working with a model in the studio in the late morning, the group will work continuously with three models for the afternoon.

While working individually and in groups you will learn about “the Lighting Event”, Exposure, Form, Point of View and explore Studio Lighting and Natural Light and solve problems as you learn to appreciate issues revolving around Sensuality, Gender, Taste and Sexuality. Students are encouraged to bring props, fabric, and ideas. You will learn about: Lens Selection, Exposure, Lighting Control, working with the Nude and Photography, Form and Posing, The Nude as Landscape, “Details” and Photographic Criticism.

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