Summer School 2014 at Point Light Gallery, Sydney

Gordon Undy with 8x10 camera

With the resurgence in the understanding of the richness of the original film-based medium of photography and classical photograph-making methods we have assembled a number of workshops on these subjects into a summer school which runs each year from mid January through to the end of March. These workshops may be taken individually or in packaged segments with a discount for the forward commitment necessary. Several workshops are offered and a commitment to all seven would bring the student to a highly competent level in film based photography. No digital processes are taught. The workshops are listed below with their duration and prices. All prices include class materials and entitle the student to a discounted rate for using the point light darkroom outside class times for three months. All workshops are scheduled for weekends from 9am to 5pm but if you are unable to attend on weekends please just call or email as there may be others in that same situation warranting a second class or a change in timing.

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