Exhibition: Wild Tasmania by Rob Blakers at The Wilderness Gallery


Wild Tasmania by Rob Blakers

The Wilderness Gallery
Cradle Mountain Road
Cradle Mountain

Rob Blakers has been photographing wilderness in Tasmania, the Australian mainland and the USA for over thirty years.His landscape photography and wilderness photography reflect the fragile beauty of wilderness as seen through the eyes and camera of one who knows it in a way that few people today ever will. Rob’s photography portrays iconic Tasmanian wilderness landscapes such as the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, the Walls of Jerusalem National Park and Freycinet National Park. However many of his images are from wild and natural places that remain unprotected, including the remote rainforest wilderness of the Tarkine and threatened oldgrowth forests of the Weld, Florentine and Styx valleys. It is hoped that public appreciation of such places and the prospects for their secure reservation might be thereby enhanced.

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