Alternatives to Kodak sheet film


With new stocks of Kodak sheet film rising by a massive 100 per cent, many photographers will be seeking alternatives. We’ll be testing the new Fomapan 400 film in the coming weeks and we’ll post results from at least three photographs online soon.

Foma in the Czech Republic has been making film and photographic paper since the 1920’s.

Blanco Negro in Sydney is the Australian agent for Foma.

The list prices for Foma film are:

Fomapan 100 (similar to vintage FP4 and APX 100)
50 sheet boxes
4×5 $64.00
5×7 $92.00
8×10 $225.00

Fomapan 400 (similar to old TRI-X)
50 sheet box
4×5 $64.00