Exhibition: Modern Classics. Point Light Gallery


Exhibition – Modern Classics.
Point Light Gallery. Sydney
13 February – 23 March 2014

This exhibition is a selection of photographs from a number of our favourite artists. Some have been shown recently but others have never before been shown here or anywhere else. Works are by Ralph Gibson, Michael Kenna, Anne Lynam, John Wimberley, Tobi Wilkinson and Gordon Undy.

Gibson needs no introduction – a master of the Leica and ambassador for Leica, publisher (Lustrum Press) since 1970 and the author of many books on as many subjects. His first book The Somnambulist took the fine art photography world by storm and truly changed the course of modern photography with the 35mm camera.

Kenna is probably the best known name in the world of landscape photography today. His photographs are small but exquisite treasures from the many countries he visits and are very widely collected.

Tobi Wilkinson, Anne Lynam and Gordon Undy collaborated last year in Source, a series of freely seen nudes from which we have selected the most compelling photographs by Wilkinson and Lynam. New 35mm work from Scotland by Undy gives an intimate glimpse of one of the poet Robbie Burns’ favourite haunts, The Birks at Aberfeldy.

The photographs of John Wimberley and Jerry Uelsmann complete the selection of Modern Classics, exhibiting the two most diverse approaches it may be possible to imagine in dealing with the landscape.

Uelsmann’s work shows a fertile dream field of imagination creating photographs from many different negatives in the one image while Wimberley’s work is direct, strong and absolutely real landscape mostly in Utah and Washington State where he lives.

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