View Cameras – Advanced Methods Workshop with Professor Gale Spring


‘View Camera’ is not as much about equipment size as it is about image control. Swing, tilt, rise, fall are the features of view cameras that allow you to create the image you want, and with appropriate lenses and techniques, allow you to make images that reveal the full potential of the photographic process in a way that less versatile formats cannot match.

These include maximising depth of field and controlling perspective movements in ways that are mostly not practical or possible on small format cameras. Understanding and using the Scheimpflug technique helps you use an optimum aperture while maximising the depth of field, allowing full expression of you aesthetic goals and the interpretation of difficult subjects.

However, along with more control come more obstacles to overcome. Exposure, vignetting, soft and out-of-focus images from small apertures are all things to consider when setting up the large format camera. Proper light metering is also critical.

This hands-on workshop details these problems and their solutions in a logical and interesting way, leading to better understanding how to optimise the use of your large format camera and lenses.

About Gale Spring
Gale Spring is an Adjunct Professor of Scientific Photography at RMIT University. His many fields of expertise include forensic photography, photomacrography and large format photography. More information:

What to Bring
Bring your camera lenses and any associated equipment that you may currently use.

Lunch and all other materials will be provided

Class Maximum: 4
Date: April 5, 2014
Start Time:9:30 am
End Time: 5:00 pm
Price: A $375.00

Registration and more info at Gold Street Studios