Exhibition: Fragments – photographs from the 2013 View Camera Gathering


Gold Street Studios and Gallery, Trentham East until 16 April

The work in the Fragments exhibition was taken November 2013 – a remarkable collection of images offering an artistic vision of historic places and subject matter. The photographs taken of Trentham, Trentham East and surrounding areas over The View Camera Gathering weekend.
From the 2007 inaugural weekend The View Camera Gathering is an annual event. Camera sizes used by the various members range from 4 × 5 to 16 x 20 film formats.


Photographic film is processed and printed in gold street studios darkroom by Chris Reid, director and master fine printer of Blanco Negro (Sydney). The photographs for the exhibition are hand darkroom printed by the photographers or Chris Reid.

The View Camera Gathering is now in its eighth year.

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