“I am the only one who shot a Corvette on Large Format….”


I received an email from Mike Finklestein this morning, a student photographer at the Pratt Institute in New York. He’s part of a photography showcase “head to head” competition, capturing images of a Corvette sports car, and is the only one using large format and, in fact, film out of the three entrants.

He says:

I photographed the brand new Corvette Z06 Convertible that was just released yesterday using a expired Provia and a 4×5 Toyo Field Camera! I wanted to use film to bring a new edge to the car photography that Corvette traditionally does, while still referencing the brand’s rich history.

Mike asked if we could post something on the blog to try and get a few votes for his photographs, which you can see at the Chevy Z06 Challenge Facebook page.

How about we all help out one of our own and vote for Mike?!

Go to the Chevy Z06 Challenge to vote

corvette_z06_convertable 005

corvette_z06_convertable 001