Workshop: Silver gelatin fine printing by Chris Reid

Chris Reid in his darkroom.

Gold Street Studios, Trentham East
10 & 11 May 2014

Over two days you will learn negative assessment for fine prints, procedures for creative printing including paper stocks (F.B.) & developer combinations, pre-flashing & split contrast control & how to create a “look/feel” for their images with the use of pre-visualization.

Day 2 will involve the making of toning formulas, including a bleach bath, sepia, blue toner & the use of selenium, and the effects of different paper & toner combinations.

Chris Reid, director of Blanco Negro Custom Black & White Pro Lab has been printing since 1989. His passion for black and white printing and darkroom skills shows in the quality of his work. He is in high demand from both commercial photographers and the photographic artist.

His work has been seen in many galleries across Sydney including the National Gallery of NSW. Chris’s unique way of imparting knowledge gives a great deal pleasure and success to his students.

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