New55 film on Kickstarter: You did it! $415k raised!


To our Instant Analogue Film-Lovers,

We really did it.

Bob & I want to thank everyone who pledged at all levels and we also want to thank those who did not pledge but who, nevertheless, remained supportive from the sidelines. You have our deep gratitude.

And you have each other to thank as well. Hugs all ’round the community for answering the call for a nice, professional, darkroomless large format material that opens — and for many, re-opens — the window to our creative inspiration.

We really got to the dance and are toeing the starting line now.

Bob and I and others are now going to be working straight through the Summer to get the assembly line together and bring all the vendor quotes in, retain talent, as well as do the crucial specification and engineering to bring back the difficult obsolete components like the receiver sheet. This is a big job and your support and confidence will bouy us through the delivery.

Please expect at least bi-weekly updates here on the New55 FILM Kickstarter space, which should feed through to your email. Facebook | New55 and the New55 FILM blog will also be good places to check in with us and with each other. Our approach of transparency and honesty will abide. This means we will keep you posted on progress as well as setbacks — there are sure to be a few. And we’ll do our best to let you know when you can expect fulfillment and if delays are to be expected.

Congratulations are due to us all. Hallelujah!

We begin.

More info at Kickstarter/New55