Exhibition: Experiment at the Edge by Enrico Scotece and Michelle Findley

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Think Negative Studios Sydney
17 – 25 May 2014

Photography means ‘drawing with light’ and Experiments at the Edge interprets this literally in pushing the boundaries of creative analog techniques to reinterpret the medium. Inspired by the words of Moholy-Nagy that “the salvation of photography comes from the experiment”, the possibilities of creative analogue techniques, alone and incorporated with digital processes, are explored to create truly authentic works which stand out in a world awash with ephemeral digital images.

Despite the truthfulness often attributed to the photograph, there is much mediation and intervention through the photographer, subject matter, medium, techniques, and the camera itself. Experiments at the Edge seeks to reduce many of these mediations and interventions by reinterpreting lensless and cameraless techniques to literally ‘draw with light’. Other works look to deliberately randomise intervention through elements of chance or push the boundaries of the use film negatives and photo-sensitive materials.

Lenseless techniques explored include Camera Obscura and Solargraphy which captures the sun’s movements over an extended period in a single photo and requires extremely long exposure times from a day to weeks, or a year. Experiments at the Edge showcases works created with the above techniques alongside cameraless techniques such as Photograms, used to fully explore the transparency, translucency and opacity of a range of subject matters to ‘draw with light’.

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