Beautiful Large Format Images Captured at the Sochi Olympics with a 4×5 Camera


Two months after being in Sochi to cover the 2014 Winter Olympics, photographer Guy Rhodes is sharing some of the images he captured there. But they’re not just any images. They’re analog images. 4×5 images, to be exact.

Using 34 sheets of Tri-X and a Crown Graphic 4×5 camera, Rhodes describes capturing the games with such a beast (while also shooting digital) as, “among the top experiences [in his] life.”

As to why it’s taken him this long to get the images developed and scanned, he said the reason was two-fold. First, he’s been busy; paid gigs, of course, but busy nonetheless. Second, a lot of the photographs he captured didn’t live up to his expectations, a realization he came to when he finally scanned the images in.

However, he accepted the images as they were, reminding himself that he signed up for it. At one frame per minute, Rhodes kept reminding himself that imperfections were the reason he didn’t shoot only digital.

Happy or unhappy as Rhodes may be with the results, there’s no doubt in our minds that the images are stunning. In a world where we’re used to hearing bursts of 14 frames per second, it’s always nice and humbling to see someone take the time to go about capturing action at a slower, more deliberate pace — even more so when the stakes are as high as they are at the Olympics.

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