Exhibition: Beautiful Whale by Bryant Austin


Australian National Maritime Museum. Sydney
until 1 February 2015

Come eye-to-eye with whales at sea in this remarkable photographic exhibition. American artist Bryant Austin is the only photographer in the world producing life-size photographs of whales. He spends weeks and months with whales off Tonga, Dominica and the Great Barrier Reef where he immerses himself in the water and remains motionless, waiting for humpback, minke and sperm whales to pass less than two metres away from his lens. The result is extraordinarily intimate and detailed portraits that illuminate the majesty and spectacle of nature’s underwater giants.

“Austin’s life-sized whale portraits show the giants of the sea as you’ve never seen them!”

– Time Out Magazine Sydney

Beautiful Whale represents Austin’s twenty year journey exploring the depths of possibility to connect people with the greatest minds in the water. Exclusively at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, the exhibition is the largest collection of Bryant’s work to date, made possible through the USA Bicentennial Gift.

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