New book: Sharon Harper – From Above & Below



Sharon Harper deliberately challenges the objective, scientific reality of photography in this delightful book of her chance-inspired artistic visions of the heavens. She combines long time exposures with multiple exposures, and moves the vantage point of the camera in between, and often waits for hours, days, weeks or months to layer another exposure onto the same piece of 4 x 5 film.

Sharon Harper’s work jettisons this idea of the photograph as a seamless window to reality and replaces it with a magic mirror, a transformative surface that is capable of making the invisible visible and the intangible tactile. Her photographs, which often involve the sky as a test bed of human perception, have less to do with what we see than what we don’t see or, perhaps more accurately, what we want to see or try to see, but can’t.”—Stephen Pinson, Curator of Photography at the New York Public Library

From Above and Below features ten years of Sharon Harper’s conceptual photographs and video stills exploring perception, technology and the night sky.  Her experimental images of the moon, stars and sun draw on scientific and artistic uses of photography to illuminate the medium’s contradictory ability to both verify empirical evidence and to create poetic connections between our environment and ourselves. The book features essays by Jimena Canales and Phillip Prodger and work from seven distinct series: Moonfall (As Imagined by the Off-Duty Ferryman in flight over the River Styx), 2001, Moon Studies and Star Scratches, 2003 – 2008, One Month, Weather Permitting, 2009, and Twelve Hours from Winter and Spring, 2009, Sun/Moon (Trying to See through a Telescope), 2010 – Ongoing, and stills from the video piece Landshift, 2012.

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