Exhibition: Elizabeth Oplaenik – Images of beauty and poetic grace

Charger LaFemme049

Gold Street Studios Gallery, Trentham East, Victoria

until 5 October 2014

The laying back down of the photographs emulsion is where Elizabeth has made her trademark and contribution to the Mordançage process. The skin of her image folds upon itself and reform in the water while gently rocking the tray and then lets the picture-bearing emulsion settle back onto the paper to dry in new shapes. Sheets of image become cloaks that wrap a figure. It is an incarnation of the artist’s own moment of floating and transformation.

The end result is a one-of-a-kind photographic image where Elizabeth has taken a series of steps with a predictable outcome and injected her own intuitive sense of beauty into it.


“…in the graceful movement
of the veils, like the rhythm of a haiku poem. Simple, elegant, poetry in motion. Poetic Grace.”


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Elizabeth Oplaenik

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