Upcoming exhibition: Unsensored14 – call for entries


Melbourne Silver Mine’s annual Unsensored exhibition is coming soon!

Collingwood Gallery. Collingwood Victoria

13 – 24 September 2014

The Melbourne Silver Mine started out as a small group of friends chatting about the virtues of older cameras, the qualities of different film stocks and the peculiar aroma of developing chemicals. The group grew quickly, and it soon became apparent that the interest and enthusiasm for traditional photographic techniques was wider spread through the photography community than we’d thought.

In November 2007, we staged our first exhibition – the cunningly named “UNSENSORED07″. Many people puzzled over the name, and politely pulled us to one side and told us we had made a spelling error. With some satisfaction we informed them that unlike digital cameras, film cameras do not sport a “sensor” and so… well you get the idea.

The exhibition, featuring twelve of the founding Silver Miners, was a great success, taking many of us by surprise. Hosted at Kerala Gallery in High St Northcote. 300 people joined us for the opening night festivities, and it was a night that many of us will never forget, and that some will never remember.

For information about exhibiting, visit the Silver Mine website