Workshop: Lightroom made simple. Taught by Sam Oster


Centre for Creative Photography, Adelaide
28 September 2014

This is a one-day, hands-on intensive program for photography enthusiasts, serious amateurs, and working pros; you will cover Lightroom from start to finish, so you can easily integrate the program into your digital photography workflow now.

Adobe Lightroom is the essential software tool for any serious photographer. Lightroom offers a quick, creative, start-to-finish workflow with a Library database for organization, a Develop module for image processing and enhancement, a Slideshow presentation component, a Print engine, and Web galleries, making this program critical to your work and file management.

Learn to download, organize, manage, develop, and present your photography, ensuring a smooth transition to digital file management and workflow. Build a functional system for managing your images from input to output, and build confidence in your ability to streamline your digital workflow and support your photographic practice on all levels of file optimisation and management.

More info at the Centre for Creative Photography