Exhibition: Listening Under Water by Olga Cironis

DSC_5805-GOLD-LEAF_lo Res Flush

Perth Centre for Photography

until 26 October 2014

Olga Cironis’s practice is determined by her Czech/Greek Australian identity. Both her art and her identity are
marked by migrancy, by the locations and dislocations of belonging and un-belonging, and by the objects that
mark our comings and goings.

Cironis troubles the definitions of personal and cultural identity. She includes herself amongst the everyday ‘things’
that she has collected from friends, found on roadsides, or sourced from deceased estates. For Cironis, such
fragments are loaded with meaning and seeped in nostalgia; domestic furniture, blankets, clothing, ornaments, hair,
toys and artefacts. The pieces are metonymic, metaphoric and fetishistic. Cironis re-invests these discarded objects
with an elusive significance, suggesting that her identity (and her art) is a complex process of losing and finding, of
holding on and letting go. – Josephine Wilson

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