Exhibition: Theme Park Series by Bronek Kozka

KOZKA_MAIN_DSC2974_lo res

Perth Centre for Photography

until 26 October 2014

The Theme Park series explores hyper-reality, the re-staging of memories of place and photography, it also looks at ideas of representation and re-construction.  Cultural theme parks, out-door museums and historical re-enactments (re-enactment groups) provide the basis for my research for this series. Their ability to create, control and manufacture an experience informs my art making practice. As Nick Stanley explains in his essay Chinese ThemeParks and National Identity, “The visitor is invited not only to inspect but also to enter the theatrical sense of the  occasion.”

In this series I visited 3 theme parks in Shenzhen in southern China, Splendid China, China Folk Culture Village and Window of the World. Each space tackled their chosen theme in quite different ways yet they all employed the same sense that they were manufacturing an experience to be consumed.

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