Workshop: Salt printing with Ellie Young


Gold Street Studios. Trentham East. Victoria
14 November 2014

Salt printing is a simple process with a number of challenges to master. Salt prints are created by coating paper in a solution of sodium chloride (common salt) followed by a silver nitrate solution to create silver chloride. Exposing to UV light changes the silver chloride to image making metallic silver. Salt prints have a matte surface with wonderful tones ranging from warm to cool browns.

This is a hands on workshop where the participants will produce a number of photographs. Outline of the day:

  1. The negative (includes instructions on creating digital negatives)
  2. Paper choices
  3. Coating methods
  4. Exposure
  5. Processing – (includes toning)

All materials including lunch is provided – Starts at 9.30 am and concludes at 4.30 pm

Ellie Young is the author of: The Salt Print Manual

More info at Gold Street Studios