Mentoring Program with Len Metcalf


Len’s School. Sydney
February – November 2015

Focused Lens is a program that takes you on a facilitated photographic journey. Over nine months you will create a project concept, plan and develop images to produce a final series of photographs. As you progress you will bring your work to the regular sessions for feedback, encouragement and support. You will have access to a master photographer to help you solve any problems you may encounter. This is an ideal place to continue to develop your photography within a supportive and social environment.

A facilitated visual journey working on your own photographic project. Guided by Len Metcalf, you will develop, produce and present a visual series of images that you have worked on over an extended period of time. Eight sessions will introduce you to the idea of a project, introducing you to some simple tools for project management.

Inspired by a passion to help people grow visually. It has been developed with the three years experience with his master class.

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