Workshop: Creative Lens Workshop with Len Metcalf


Myall Lakes Creative Lens Workshop
Len’s School. Sydney
Taught by Len Metcalf
8 – 13 March 2015

This autumn treat yourself to a week away at the Creative Lens workshop in the spectacular Myall Lakes National Park

Less than three hours from Sydney discover a vast wilderness of freshwater lakes, roaring seas and endless rolling dunes. Wildlife abounds in this tranquil coastal paradise. Breathe in the fresh sea-salt air and be inspired by the many moods of this inimitable landscape.

The Creative Lens workshop is devoted to unlocking your intuition, exploring your creative process and discovering the art behind the craft. Enjoy Len’s gentle, supportive teaching style as you participate in lessons and shoots designed to nurture and develop your creative potential. You will receive valuable feedback on your photographs from your group in tea-and-critique sessions. Often these insights help you take your photography to the next level.

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