Exhibition: Images of Beauty and Poetic Grace by Elizabeth Opalenik


Blanco Negro. Sydney
until 4 February 2015

Elizabeth Opalenik is regarded as one of the most creative photographers of our time. She is known for her sensual images, including work in the Mordançage process (taught to her by the master, Jean Pierre Sudre), handpainted black and white, infrared films, Polaroid manipulations and specialized toning. With limitless creativity Elizabeth has found her voice as a photographic artist, learning that all good photographs are self-portraits that lie somewhere between imagination and dreams.

‘Immediately, the silver veils of emulsion lifting off the darkroom print fascinated me. Taught to remove them, I wanted to find a way to save and use them as part of my voice in this process. Trying to save the loosened silver “skin” seemed a natural extension of my draped figure models in the past. To Jean Pierre that day, it seemed strange or appalling, but with my first successful print, he was asking for my notes and the print signed to him with love.

In the world of photography, mordançage is a somewhat obscure process and often misunderstood. The draped veils even more confusing and often mistaken for Polaroid emulsion lifts or currently, Photoshop magic.’

– Elizabeth Opalenik

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