New(ish) 8×10 camera by Svedovsky in USA


USD 1300 – 1800

Svedovsky 8×10 is my latest large format camera concept, created with a help of my associate Paweł Osiński. Together we have been managing a carpentry company for fifteen years. Paweł takes care of the metal parts, while I do the whole rest of tasks connected to making the camera. I have been a photographer for a good part of my life, professionally working for many years in artistic carpentry. Finally, both ocupations have found a conclusive common point in form of creating a wooden view camera in 8×10 format.

Every camera maker starts with observing a deficit. What I missed about many view cameras available on the market was stability of used materials. For this reason I have decided to create a real working horse, a camera durable enough to stand years of usage under changing conditions and in difficult photographic situations.

Svedovsky 8×10 is designed using only the best materials. My experience in carpentry allows me to make the right decisions already while carefully selecting the wood to be used. Naturally, I work exclusively with professional tools and carpentry machines.

All this guarantees a final product of excellent precision, beautiful design and lasting usage experience.

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