Workshop: Studio & Lighting Essentials


The Aperture Cub. Sydney
10 February 2015

This hands-on workshop is a practical way to learn about and understanding the fundamentals of studio lighting.

Using professional flash units and accessories such as umbrellas, soft box, reflectors and cutters you will learn to create outstanding images of still life. You will learn the fundamentals of lighting setup which will improve your understanding of flash, how to control it and use it effectively. We use classic techniques with 2 and 3 light setups. You will learn how, when and why to use reflectors, bounce boards, snoots, soft boxes and umbrellas.

Studio lighting can be very complex depending on the creative outcome you are looking for. This workshop is designed to introduce you to the photographic studio and its basic equipment. It will be an enjoyable first step in creative photography using flash lighting and provide a thrilling insight into the workings of a professional studio.