New pinhole camera: Supersense 66/6 Pinhole Camera

66 years after Dr. Edwin Land amazed the world with instant photography and 6 years after Polaroid closed their last factory, a new instant camera has been designed by Dr. Florian ‘Doc’ Kaps and Achim Heine. All 500 of the limited run cameras are hand assembled and hand numbered by Supersense.
The camera features a three-position turret style lens with two apertures, 0.12mm and 0.24mm and the closed position. The overall slim design makes it a breeze to pop in your camera bag, barely taking up more space than a couple of packs of film. I have used many handmade pinhole cameras and appreciate the addition of the metal tripod socket for the stability and functionality that it affords. The bellows expands out 5 levels and easily stops at the level of wideness you choose, from normal wide when fully extended to crazy wide when fully compressed. The film chamber and eject is based upon the Film Processing Unit (FPU) of the Impossible Instant Lab. I found the build of the camera to be excellent and solid.