Workshop: Liquid Photographic Emulsion Printing with Chris Reid

Blanco Negro. Sydney
4 February 2015
This unique photographic printing process allows the artist the flexibility to hand coat silver gelatin emulsion on to a wide selection of surfaces including watercolour papers, timber, metals, fabric and glass.   The day will cover the following subjects:
  • Preparation of liquid emulsion
  • The use of additives to emulsion & surface
  • Surface selection & preparation
  • Coating techniques & applications
  • Assessment of Negatives for Liquid Emulsion printing
  • Exposure, Printing & Processing
  • Overview of toning techniques
  • Finishing techniques & Storage

Due to the variable nature of negatives, the workshop may provide known suitable negatives for exposing. Students will be expected to have a basic understanding of black & white darkroom printing.

All materials provided.

More info at Blanco Negro