Book: Ansel Adams – At Water’s Edge


Peabody Essex Museum, 2014. Unpaged, illustrated throughout, 11×10½”. 

Ansel Adams’ appreciation for water was never far from the surface. He was drawn to the subject in all its forms, from rain, fog, mist and clouds to ice and snow. He also photographed water’s effects in tide pools, weathered buildings and erosion patterns. His fascination with surf and crashing waves fed his interest in waterfalls and rapids in the High Sierra. In Yellowstone, it fueled his photographs of Old Faithful. As in the famous Surf Sequence ca.1940, Adams often photographed water in ways that embrace seriality, motion, and time as meaningful modern themes.

At the Water’s Edge combines famous images with extraordinary but lesser-known examples, expanding knowledge of Adams’ work and building appreciation for the artist as an important and innovative modernist.

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