Coming tomorrow: The 50th edition of “The Photograph Explained”

We are very proud to announce that tomorrow we will be publishing our 50th edition of “The Photograph Explained”, a series of posts that has been running since September, 2013.

It seemed worthy to post up a little announcement and to show off all the previous editions so our readers can see the diversity of photographs submitted by an incredibly talented group of photographers.

Thanks must go to David Tatnall who has worked extremely hard over the years to seek out and pester photographers to provide the images and text that you’ve enjoyed reading. And, of course, massive thanks must also go out to the photographers who have provided these beautiful images and explaining the thoughts and processes they’ve gone through to make these photographs.

We’ll continue to run the series, as The Photograph Explained is one of the more popular posts on the site, although perhaps not quite as regularly as we have been doing! Now we’re up to edition 50, David will enjoy the break, I’m sure!

We would love to know what your favourite image is, and why, and what images stood out to you! Leave a comment below, we’ll look forward to reading your thoughts!

In other news, the site is currently being refreshed with a new look and that should come to life in the next couple of weeks.

But in the meantime, leave comments below, share these images on the usual social networks! I think everyone who has provided an image should be very proud of what you’ve created and the more people that see your work, the better!

1. Time – Albumen Photograph by Ellie Young

2. Boorara State Forest by John Austin

3. Five Minutes at Mungana by Gordon Undy

4. Mount Agony by Bob Kersey

5. Autumn, West Coast Range by Rob Blakers

6. Sandbird by Chris Bell

7. Magnificence by Steve Tester

8. Robe by David Roberts

9. Hyden Rock by Alex Bond

10. Ice Ghoul Daguerreotype By Joyce Campbell

11. Reflection, Crimson Wall by Mark Darragh

12. Silence for Water Well by Sonia Macak

13. Hanging in the Balance and Flemington Post Office by Lloyd Shield

14. Rock Cave by Julian Pearce

15. Dignity by Kate Baker

16. Pier, Glenorchy, New Zealand by Richard White

17. Trentham Falls by Ian Raabe

18. Ngaio Mala By Craig Tuffin

19. The edge #2, Govetts Leap by Ian Brown

20. Cloud & Playa, Lake Eyre by Mike Stacey

21. Untitled, 2013 by Enrico Scotece

22. Faces in the Canyon, The Greater Blue Mountain World Heritage Area by Leonard Metcalf

23. Avenida General Flores, Uruguay by Rebecca Fagan

24. “a technological oasis in an ancient landscape” by Rowan Conroy

25. Tenby Point Mangroves by Shane Booth

26. Woolshed Falls, Beechworth by Alastair Moore

27. Rock platform, Middle Head, Sydney by Philip Ramsden

28. “Authorised persons only”: Mayday Hills Asylum, Beechworth by Wendy Watson

29. A creek in the Lamington National Park by Mick Lord

30. Dip Falls #3, Tasmania by John Studholme

31. Lone Tree by Nic Daley

32. Mulgrave River, North Queensland by Gary Chapman

33. Waratah 2 by Lynette Zeeng

34. Pinhead Pluto By Kate Robertson

35. Boy in Yarra River by Thomas Breakwell

36. Portraits at Wylies Baths, Sydney by Peter Elliston

37. Jökulsárlón by Marc Morel

38. Snow Gums and Stone, Porcupine Track by Maris Rusis

39. Forest at Crows Foot Track by David Tatnall

40. Two Tall Trees, Mollymook by Stacy Arezou Mehrfar

41. Ross and Palm, San Diego by Amanda Tomlin

42. Blushing Drape by Leanne McPhee

43. “Nest: Croajingolong Dreaming” by Malcolm Gamble

44. Rock pool and Dolphin Point By Zigi Georges

45. Cone Crusher by Leigh Lambert

46. Untitled 2011 by DM Witman

47. Upper Lansdowne River by Mark O’Neill

48. Angkor Wat by Robert James Elliott

49. “Untitled” by Andrew Dearman