Show Us Your Darkroom #7: Ellie Young


I love my darkroom door with the Dali Lama enhancing the entrance (handcrafted from a 20 x 24 contact negative by David Roberts).

I love my darkroom – When I am working on my own it provides me with solitude and a sense of excitement when the outcome is successful.

I love my darkroom when I am teaching and sharing the wonderful handcraft of photography. Watching students find that sense of excitement in creating a photograph that they made with their hands.
I love my darkroom when Chris Reid (Blanco Negro) teaches fine art black and white printing – the laughter blending with shared knowledge.

Darkroom DoorSm

I love my darkroom when David Tatnall’s magic in teaching pinhole rubs off onto the students and they discover the mysterious ways light creates wonderful pinhole negatives.

I love my darkroom when it is pristine ready for use and even when it cluttered after use.

My De Vere and L P L  –  4 x 5 enlargers are great tools in projection and contact printing.  All pre-loved and loved for what they can create.

I love my darkroom during The View Camera Gathering – such chaos, Chris Reid processing some 50 or more 4 x 5 an 8 x 10 sheets of film for 25 passionate view camera gatherers cramming in and out of the darkroom door.

I love my darkroom – just in case I did not mention it before.

How blessed am I – doing every day of my life what I love most. 

I just love being in my darkroom and love sharing my darkroom.

I just love my darkroom.

Ellie Young is Australia’s pre-eminent alternative process photographer and teacher. She runs Gold Street Studios with Alan Young in Trentham East, Victoria.