An alternative way to scan 8×10 film on an Epson V700 scanner

8x10 scanning-5

Epson provides a very flimsy film guide for 8×10 film scanning and to use it you directly place your film onto the glass platter, this results in serious newton rings on the scanned image rendering the finished scan unusable as the newton rings can look like massive finger prints across your image. To overcome newton rings one has to create a gap between the film and scanner glass, Epson does provide proper raised film holders but only for 35mm, 120mm and 4×5 film, for 8×10 film we have to devise our own film holder that lifts the film off the glass.

I’ve been in touch with photographer Ben Dolman, after discovering his blog during a search for Epson film guides online. He wrote a blog post about a DIY film guide for the Epson V700/750 (and presumably the new V800) scanners. I shall be making one of these myself and will let you know the results!

Also, be sure to check out his portfolio – Ben has some beautiful colour and black and white images.

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