Workshop: Bay of Fires landscape & night sky photography workshop with Rob Blakers & Loic Le Guilly

13 – 17 May 2015
Join Rob Blakers and Loic Le Guilly for 5 days of landscape, wildlife and night sky photography, staying at the famous Bay of Fires Lodge in northeast Tasmania.

Enjoy delightful Tasmanian cuisine, elegant accommodation and some of the finest landscapes in Australia.

The Bay of Fires landscape & night sky photography workshop includes:
  • Sunrise and sunset photography on deserted beaches and granite shorelines
  • Night sky, and with luck, aurora photography
  • Wildlife and woodlands
  • Instruction tutorials on image processing, exposure blending, focus stacking, stitching, 360 panoramas, medium format digital and more
  • Small group discussions and relaxed information-sharing
  • Time to explore the landscape and for quiet reflection

You will have a unique chance to try the 80 megapixel medium format system that Rob Blakers uses to produce incredibly detailed wilderness images.

Rob will share the techniques he has refined over the last 30 years to capture the best possible images, including focus stacking.

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