Meet the artist: David Roberts at his exhibition: Tarrawarra Abbey – Saturday 11 April 2 pm

Portrait of David Roberts by David Tatnall

Portrait of David Roberts by David Tatnall

Healesville Memorial Hall
Saturday 11 April 2 pm
Experience this rare glimpse into life at Tarrawarra Abbey by photographer David Roberts, who lived at the Abbey for three weeks creating this body of work. David’s work explores the unique existence of the contemporary Cistercian monastic order dating back to 1098.

This reflective set of images is an intimate portrait by an outstanding photographer. David Roberts is a local, fine-art photographer. He  works primarily with film and traditional view cameras.

David’s work is collected by the National Portrait Gallery, the National Library of Australia and the State Library of Victoria. His portraits include the Dalai Lama, Geoffrey Rush and John Cleese.

Tarrawarra Abbey is currently enjoying its 60th anniversary in the Yarra Valley.

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